General Residential Cleaning

Give up the dust rags and throw away the vacuum! When you work with A Maid Just For You! you will not need to worry about cleaning your own home ever again. If you're like most people you have limited time and energy. Why waste it on tasks around the home when there are other things you'd rather do with your valuable free time? Let our team give you your free time back!

Steam Floor Mopping

We now offer steam floor mopping in our residential cleaning services. Steaming floors is more productive and cleaner than mopping alone. The heat kills the bacteria and the mop picks up the dirt.

Professional Vacuuming

We also use professional vacuums for cleaning hard floors. Rather than sweeping floors with a broom that can spread dirt and get it stuck in the cracks, our top-of-the-line vacuums will trap and suck up the debris.